So Hotttt!

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That’s what a lot of New Yorkers emphatically say in the streets. We’ve been riding on a heatwave the past couple of days and not too many people are happy.

I was actually thinking of those vendors in the philippines that sell chilled “cellophaned water” or”ice water” as we call it back home.

I just deviated from the main purpose of this blog. Nevertheless, people complain that it’s so hotttt! I know a place that’s really hot! HELL. You heard me, I didn’t stutter either. If you think 200 degrees is hot wait until you get load of a lake that’s always on fire and will never go out. Good luck with the worms too.

If you don’t like the idea of being grilled for eternity, get your butt up, look for a Bible believing church and ask how you can get that refreshing cool drink called the water of life.

What are you waiting for foo!? G’it!!!

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