Hot days of Summer

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The past couple of days have been REALLY hot! Forecast yesterday was that it would feel like 110F (43.33C) and today was around 107F(41.67C). Because of this, electricity usage has been at it’s highest because of people putting their air condition units to maximum. The worst thing that can happen is that some relay stations would overload and the blackout of 2003 would happen all over again.

Our office has been doing their share of electricity cutting measures. Lights have been off, especially the pantry and other places that don’t really need light.

I was a little surprised when I got to the train station and some NJ Transit employees were handing out free bottled water. It’s their little way in helping out commuters who just came from the oven like heat outside.

Here are some pics:




Now if NJ Transit can just make their fares cheaper. I’ll even give them water. Till next blog.

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