Dinner, Fishes, and Non-absorbent table cloths

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We ate at Red Lobster last night to celebrate the birth of Isabel Ababa-Santos. Emma was so cute because she was in such awe of the fish tank. There were two fairly sized goldfish that were “making out” but I think they were trying to resolve a territorial dispute.

Emma just won’t stop looking at the fish. I lifted her up so she can see the fish at eyelevel. Everytime she would try and touch the fish she would laugh with so much glee that she caught a lot of attention from the nearby customers. They laughed everytime she would.


And then the funniest thing happened. She pooped. Turns out, we forgot to bring diapers. Guess what? Marchesa managed to McGyver one of the table cloth napkins into a diaper. Emma was satisfied with it so we finished our dinner and headed home. By the time we were home, Emma’s pants were wet! Poor girl, she’s been peeing and it went through the table napkin/diaper.

I wonder if Red Lobster will be missing that napkin…

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