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life has its various stages and as we move from one stage to the other, our faith gets challenged.

right before I met my wife my faith was challenged and I didn’t know that it was preparing me for something big. I had the choice of going back home or toughening it out. I did tough it out and I saw blessings that i’ve never experienced before.

i’m at that stage again. i’m struggling through some personal pain. standing at a crossroads of life and maybe even death. its a whole lot tougher now because I am now responsible for two other people. I’ve been having a really hard time coping with my responsibilities at home. I can’t even be there for my family. that’s what happens when you keep the busyness dragon as your pet.

I need to pray more. Read his word. go back to basics. rekindle the fire that once was burning with desire to know my King. I need to live again because I am dead.

I need a personal revival. I don’t want my marriage to go down the drain. I know that the closer I get to God, the closer i’ll become to my wife. I love her more than anything or anyone.

Psalms 85 was very fitting as the scripture that I read in my personal devotions.
Ps 85:6 says “Won’t you revive us again, so your people can rejoice in you?”.

that is the the longing of my heart right now. a key towards an elevated faith. help me God. I can’t do this on my own.

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