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once i saw these, i was on a mission to get them.  the problem with me is that i try to wait for sales, and hesitate too long that by the time i tried looking at them again for a purchase, all black size 6 shoes were gone.  i searched and searched daily and finally saw one site who carried them but took 3-4 weeks processing my order so i tried searching again for a more efficient carrier. 


finally one day, i found the last pair of black size 6 on solestruck.com and immediately bought them before someone snatched them.  it seems a bit adolescent but this style is really in demand. 

how would i rate them?  i received them today and they fit perfectly!  they’re not too stiff, or too narrow, and the rubber inside is so comfortable, almost as if your feet has a cushion in those 3 inches.  it’s so comfortable to walk in that i don’t have to worry about walking carefully.  it’s also mommy friendly, so britney wouldn’t have trouble carrying her baby with her latte.  and i’m not really gonna comment about the style, cuz look at them, it totally exudes the hit tv show “three’s company.”  you could definitely see terri wear them with adorable white or yellow hot shorts.  i’m really pleased with this purchase.  if i had gargantuan amounts of money, i’d buy myself a rainbow of these shoes, esp. the white, red, & yellow.  i get so many compliments from people, even when i pass by, and i get numerous of requests from people to buy it if i find another available pair.

shoes_isec1003303 shoes_isec1003297

insanely enough, so many people wanted this shoe and so many requests were made that bc footwear had to ship out much more.  maybe for my birthday, i’ll get the yellow ones.

store: solestruck.com, amazon.com
retail: $54
status: own (black)

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