zem’s first birthday party

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the preparation was very hard work…i really need to thank my parents for all their labor spent on food. everyone gave so many compliments on the food. this was also the first time i contributed, as well as my older sister. yes, we’re learning how to cook for people…hahah. anyways, the menu is as follows:

rice crispies squares with twizzlers ribbons

main course:
hot dogs
seafood lasagna
mandarin salad
sweet and sour tilapia
pasta salad w/cooked shrimp
pork barbeque
pork belly inihaw
salmon with mushroom sauce

photo marble cake
gulaman/bananas mix
snow cones
ube roll cake
pineapple cheese dumplings
macaroni fruits
fruits: mangos and watermelon

we also rented a 20×20 canopy just in case of the sun. we also budgeted for a moonbounce which ended up being a big hit with the kids (and some ventursome fun-loving adults). i thought that they’d easily get tired of it but for hours and hours on end, that moonbounce was packed. we ordered the 4 in one combo so there was also a long slide adjacent to the bouncing area. it was an awesome idea. we also had a simple pinata for the kids which didn’t really get to busted up. when darielle hit it, its tie got loose and fell off the rope and the kids immediately went Resident Evil on it and just tore that poor pinata open.

zem, for the most part, was surprisingly sociable, esp. at the beginning of the party. she let people carry her around, like ate rose’s sister, and colet, and pstr. ding. she seemed to have a great time and everyone commented on how festive her colored polkadot dress was, which even matched the balloons gathered at the roof of the canopy.

overall, it was a really really pretty party…the decorations…everything, the hello kitty theme, to the food tables, the snow cones (which everybody loved)…to even the cake that had her photo embedded onto the icing. seriously, a very organized and pretty party…not to mention the birthday girl herself, who looked amazingly beautiful in her festive poofy dress.

i think zem enjoyed the afterparty even more though because it was just her family. so she walked outside more while we killed the karaoke, and ended up too tired to finish the day by opening her presents. i’m really proud of her though; she’s really come a long way, and she really deserved a big party for just turning one.

lastly, we want to also thank our family in the phils. we know you were not able to be there with us, but we always always keep you so close to our thoughts during times like these. we will also have our chance to celebrate together soon. til then, we love you and sincerely thank you for being there for us this challenging first year.

to God be the glory for everything accomplished in her…thank You Jesus.

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