zem’s first birthday

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yay! she’s one today!!!

although we’ll be travelling, at least we’ll have her close to us during her birthday . she’ll also be spending it later in the day with my family, so she’ll have more people to spend it with. my biggest wish is for perze’s family to also be with her this day, but obviously as conditions won’t permit, i’m still thankful that they’re celebrating it in the phils. despite her absence. i’m really thankful to God for being so faithful in His molding of her. He’s blessed me enormously in my life and she’s another immense testament of His goodness. She definitely is a gift of His grace.
i also wanted to verbally appreciate our families, for the proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child, and despite the distance and sometimes absence, they’ve given perze and me countless advice that we’ve not only listened to, but importantly acted upon which helped us in our inexperience and led us to be wiser in our decisions and actions in her first year. They’ve really been there all throughout her milestones, her small, and big accomplishments. I’m always so thankful for family…always.

and to those which this last paragraph may apply, thanks for praying for our daughter, for asking about her and wishing us well! we realize that our daughter’s first birthday is not JUST about celebrating her, but also saying thank you to those who have been there for us for this first year.

zem, if you happen to look back to this post when you’re older, i want you to know how loved you are. everything that you’ve done, and the person you’re becoming is exciting to me and i’m extremely proud of you. all the prayers of this year for you are presents which i hope you’ll learn to appreciate one day, but until then, i’ll always continue to try to guide you in love. i love you baby emma. you are my treasure. Be blessed today.
mama and tatay

‘ i w e m e m b e w . . . ‘

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from birth to each following month…
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