Sue Wong Mesh Flapper Dress

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NMT0JEH_mpSue Wong
Mesh Flapper Dress

• Blush pink mesh.
• Sequined crochet trim on bust, drop waist, and carwash pleats.
• Floral appliqués on bust and bodice.
• Lined.
• 100% polyester.
• Dry clean only.

NMT0JEH_apto be perfectly honest, i had my eye on this dress even since Valentine’s Day 2006.  I wanted to wear it to a couple’s dinner, but now i’m thinking i would have been very overdressed.  So after almost five months, this expensive dress went on sale, to my great advantage…i guess they’re right, sometimes when you wait, you truly get the best…and what’s better than a sue wong expensive dress(?):  —- a sue wong more than 60% off the retail dress.  word.

how it really looks:
it’s   B E A U T I F U L
it could just be my eyes, but i’m still in love with the dress…it’s one of those dresses you really need to take care of or else strings get loose, sequences fall off, and things get caught and make a run on the mesh.  furthermore, the embroidery on this dress is very detailed. you really get what you pay for though…

how it fits:
the dress is surprisingly heavy, in the sense that you’ve got a lot working within the dress, esp. the embroidery/crochet.  again, like most designer dresses, it’s a bit longer than what i expected. the above model probably has five inches on me, and of course curves that could kill, so the dress will not work as well for shorter women who have no lovely lady lumps.  if you have no hips or bust, i wouldn’t recommend this. 

another down side is its intricate sewing, with all the detailing, so it’ll be a little difficult to have alterations done.  also, you can’t play too much on it, as in trying to alter it yourself. but if you do, you better be good at it or else the mesh will end up destroyed and you’ve resulted in a downgraded sue wong wonderful creation.  if you do get it altered, you better know a good seamstress, not the highschooler endeavoring to become the next Marc Jacobs.

i don’t have the perfect body, and definitely out of shape due to childbirth, but with a dress like this, it still looks great…that says a lot.

Store: neiman marcus
Retail: $300
Status: own

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