Family Trip to Poconos

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extremely cold weekend…

we went to my dad’s annual company poconos weekend trip last weekend. this time, kris and samsam got to join the rest of my family. like last year, we got our own cabin which we totally rearranged so we could put beds together and huddle around a mini-heater which did an ok job heating up a huge cabin, although if next year is similarly chilly, i’m going to have to bring an oven or a dragon. the day was tolerable, but the evening wasn’t as comfortable as it could’ve been. i bundled emma up in a kajillion layers which seemed to work since she really slept soundly, unbothered by temperature…but then again, she was between two giants who generated enough heat for her to sleep comfortably. it’s nice to be a baby.

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despite the cold, we did manage to have a good time…taking advantage of all the activities planned for the families…and the place is expansive- with a huge central lake with boats going in and out…a huge obstacle course and mini-bungee line…snack stands and mr. softee…minigolf, basketball, and volleyball…and funny inflatables…so, ya, we went all over trying various activities- in the cold…i also filled up on funnel cake because i do firmly believe funnel cake spells f-u-n in any event or party…funnel cake also spells y-u-m…so i did manage to frequent the funnel cake truck 4-6 times in one day. that’s 4-6 times of f-u-n and y-u-m…i really don’t know why i love funnel cake, must’ve dated back to middleschool days when my friend michelle took us to the infamous clementon park of south jersey…only south jersey people would know this place…and only those from south jersey who are reading this right now are laughing…

0606poconosfight 0606poconossisters

anyway, that saturday night, they also had huge fireworks, so we packed up the kids and went by the lake to awe at the firework’s bravura. this was also samsam’s first time to witness what emma experienced last year. afterwards, we headed up to the mess-hall to get some coffee and hotchoco, to notice groups of people gathering around the huge bonfire near the cafeteria, so after getting our caffiene, we lingered to see the entertainment…somehow i got dared to approach the entertainer and ask if kristie can sing a song or two, so i did take the dare instead of the physical challenge and went to talk to who said he’ll call up kristie in 30mins. or so to play his brand new taylor. so we stayed to hear his cover songs, his raspy voice…we also stayed to stock up on the free hershey bars (about 20 bars or so which we took back to the cabin)…and after 30mins. or so, we were getting too tired to wait so we headed back to sleep and battle the night’s cold breath.

em060614c em060614b

the next morning, after packing up, eating, walking or so, we headed back to our place to make use of the rest of the day to just spend some family time together…if there’s one thing emma loves, it’s when people come to her territory- esp. family…she just laughs and plays more…the saddest part of the day is when everyone left; she went room to room looking for people, but no one came to surprise her or pick her up…knowing she was searching for something made my heart drop just a little…it made me think of the future a lot for some reason…i’m always praying that the time will not come early when she is searching for something and we cannot be there…i don’t know why, but i think about that every now and then…i think that happens when you become a parent…


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