Frog Prince

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so yesterday, we went to Babies’ R Us…
…to pick up a few items for my sister-in-law Zen because her baby’s birth day is quickly approaching. Subsequently, we bought her the Advent package because the bottles in the Phils. cost about $12 each, and like most moms know, you need about 5+, plus the stage nipples and sterilizer. That would have cost them a pretty penny, and since i am not as keen to do math so early in the morning without having had any supplementary form of stimulant like coffee, so i will just say that it’s a whole lot of money.

while perusing all the possible sale areas, i finally met up with perze who was watching emma walk the toy area, being stimulated by all the buttons she could press, and all the colors that only invited fun. we watched her try out toys and leave them like fickle relationships. to our amusement and surprise, she finally settled on the baby dolls, esp. the one that was lying down with bashed eyelashes. at first she patted the baby as if to signal sleep, when we saw her bend down ever so gently towards the plastic object to give it a loving kiss. perze and i laughed out loud because she continued to do this several more times as if emma thought the baby must be so affection-deprived being in such an impersonal box. while i was about to say how loving my little 11 month old was already, we then saw emma reach her loving finger down to poke the baby’s eye. she continued this several times like a science lab experiment, trying to discover how the baby’s eyes open and close. our little Ghandi turned Mengele in almost 2 minutes and we concluded that maybe she’d be best categorized as loving and a scientist.

my concluding story is when we went to checkout to pay for everything. perze held emma while i chitchatted with the cashier. they came carrying a toy stuffed lion, which emma seemed to like, but they chose another- yet better friend for emma. they came back to the line with Frog Prince by Wendy Ballissimo, and emma wouldn’t let go of it. not only was she obstinate to part with it, but she also kept kissing it. when we tried to take it away from her to give it to the cashier, she screamed in protest so the cashier had to extend the scanning gun to the item to appease her fears of separation. even in the car, while fastening her in her seat, she was obdurate and held fast to it. who knew we could buy love for $13? sadly, she prefers Frog Prince to Penelope Cochon, but like a faithful friend, she makes room for PC by her side when she sleeps. But then again, what girl wouldn’t choose Frog Prince?- a potential hottie and heir to an opulent future with great hair and probably with all the town’s chicken you could eat…

h er e ‘ s F r o g P r i n c e


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