a white dwarf

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so beautiful…i never knew stars were initially encased in a cocoon-like structure…then it breaks open. here is a picture recently taken from nasa of a white dwarf. they say that in 6 billion years, the sun will also undergo a similar action:

Planetary nebula NGC 2440

from what i’ve read, a star’s final exhaustion of its nuclear fuel begets the white dwarf as it rids of the outer material, with its hot core remaining. after a few billion years, it begins to cool down and is compacted to form a star with very heavy mass.

it’s funny how huge stars can be, how intense its heat can reach, yet we are so absent from the magnanimous happenings of something so grand as a star’s transformation. somewhere in the heavens, stars are burning and some are reaching its final phases until it has burned out. while i perform the most tedious chores to make my life function and exist, an expansive star lives and moves beautifully and wonderfully. it makes me feel small yet huge simultaneously…huge because the star completes its life to praise its creator, while the creator is more concerned about the tedium of my life…

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