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i really don’t have much time to do what i want to get accomplished because i’m trying to balance the sanity of our place, constantly cleaning to keep it sanitized and in order. also, emma’s demands take 90% of my time, caring for her needs, playing with her, and teaching her new things.

i think after taking all those classes, about children education and the stages and levels of thinking even from infancy, have helped me to be a better teacher to emma. i’m not saying you need to take those classes in order to be a good mom, but in many ways, i’ve consciously learned how to apply many things so she can learn. the amazing part is when she just normally picks up things very quickly on her own, without my personal intention of teaching things to her. in those cases, everyone’s a teacher…

which is basically my point…we can’t help but learn from each other, some unconsciously, but nevertheless, people learn through our actions and we become accountable, and almost their validity.

i haven’t really thought about how my parents raised me to guard my reputation in front of those i know, relatives, friends, church…but now that i’m older, it’s not so much reputation i guard as much as i do my integrity. i want to be able to walk my talk…to live what i preach, and to learn to apply what i teach. and that’s a scary thing because i do hang out a lot with young people, and they know me to shout obedience, but i hope in the silence of it all, i am living out God’s will. i want my decisions in life and my actions to complement what i’ve supposedly read, what i’ve supposedly said…

because silently and audibly, i am a teacher…

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