doctor’s visit & what i love

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we went to her doctor yesterday. turns out the bumps that surface are mostly due to dry skin and not allergens.
she got weighed, and momentarily, she’s 18lbs. 8oz.

she walks 50% of the time now, so adamant on being like everyone else who walks upright. i love how curious she is, how she tries to understand, reciprocate and follow along. i love that she loves music, how she bops front to back every time she hears a catchy tune. i love that she grabs things and gives it to me just so she gets a response from me, a smily thank you. i love how she knows a kiss is meant as a reward and affection. babies are amazing, i love most of all when she wants me to hold her, and she stares at my face closely, unafraid of kisses and over-affection…she’s really swell…she’s growing up quickly, and every new stage amazes me…and changes me.

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