perze’s 31’st birthday

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at first, the weekend was supposed to be a time for the 2 of us to have together. i was planning to take him to maryland where ravi zacharias was having a talk. but that was cancelled for a much later date. plus, no one could’ve taken care of emma because my parents had to practice for the upcoming cantata.

on his birthday, i managed to get everything done, pick up the laptop and go to costco to buy emma’s things and groceries. we then went home and luckily emma went to sleep which gave me time to decorate the cake, arrange the flowers, and make the card. unfortunately, i was planning to make a season dinner for perze so we could stay home- a dinner with all the meats- lobster, pork, chicken, shrimp, but no beef…haha, but costco didn’t have the lobsters that day. i had to find out a way to explain that i had been to costco but didn’t buy the laptop so i could surprise him with it when we got home from the trainstation.

i did lie to him. i came with this big lie that i had reserved the laptop and paid for it. when we got to the station to pick him up, i lied again saying emma needed to be changed, so we headed back home where the surprise was waiting for him. i caught his smile on camera so that was enough to make me happy. he opened his gifts- Jelly Belly’s, Arizone Green Tea, and the Laptop. we ended up going to red lobster for that lobster i couldn’t find. we had to retire early from the dinner because emma became sassy. we went back home and finished the routines of the evening, but i’m just really glad we were able to spend perze’s bday with him…this is his first bday with his daughter, and you should have seen the smile she gave him when he carried her when we got home. she was so excited, and i know that made him even happier to know how much his daughter loves him.

happy birthday mahal. the years will get better, i promise.

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