Zem at 7 months

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my last entry was jan.11. it’s now feb. 07. almost one month.
let me tell you of her progress.

i wasn’t lying when she started sitting up by herself last month. these days, she’s a veteran at getting herself to sitting position independently. i would put her on her back as starting position, and in minutes, she’s gazing at me doed-eyed sitting on her bum.

she’s also learned how to climb on things. for example, i could put her sitting in her crib, and minutes later, she’d be standing up, grasping the rail with both determined hands. she’s still a bit wobbly on her two feet, but she’s strong enough to endure minutes and minutes of standing up. it’s funny because anything with height, she’ll try climbing, even people.

another cute thing that she’s recently been doing is reaching out to people for them to carry her. she’s learned a new communication skill, and this one is cute because she really shows how much she wants you to hug her, carry her, or help her.

right now, she’s in her beginning stages of crawling. she does her share of crawling little by little but has not fully grasped the possibilities of her mobility. it’s funny when she sees me sitting a little away from her. she gets this smile going when she gets my attention and then starts crawling to me as if she were playing the predator game. usually, it’s me or perze trying to surprise her. she’s soooooo playful.

the negative habits she’s picked up is her desire to put everything in her mouth, even the kitchen sink (if she could get it in her hand). so far, she’s put clothes, fingers (hers and yours), toys, phones, remotes, wires (tried), floor mats, diapers, paper, grown up people food, etc…she has four teeth grown in already, and something tells me that the others are following soon after to catch up with the party. lately, we’ve had to succumb to using the pacifier because she’s constantly chewing on something, and is sometimes very cranky. yes, i am a binky mom. anyone who strictly disagrees with using it, please read further research.

she weighs almost 16lbs., just a little below the 50th percentile. she’s growing every day, and when we compare her to her cousin samsam, she’s bohemoth…i call her oldbaby…hahah…but she’s really developing to be a beauty even moreso every day. she reminds me so much of perze, and her fair skin surprises me because i’m very dark. she has long eyelashes and a pug nose. we also think her ears are half fabila, half ababa, but one juts out more than the other.

she does love to play though. her favorite toys right now are remote controls and cell phones. we bought her her own toy cell phone but we all believe she thinks it’s too bulky, like 80’s phones, so she prefers the more stylish ones that play mp3s. she does detest having her diaper changed. recently, we have to fight her to get her diapers on, and she squeals like a madbaby.

lastly, she still eats stage 1 foods, rice or oatmel and veggies. she does however dislike the fruits, maybe because it’s still too strong a taste, unlike her bland foods to which she’s accustommed. she also is getting used to drinking out of a cup, esp. water. we tried using a sipicup, but she doesn’t know how to sip yet, so we’ve been getting her used to drinking from the cap of her bottle, which works great for a baby cup.

oh, and one more thing before i forget. when she plays the drums, she’ll sing along, as if she’s making up her own songs. no lie. she’ll sing with it. those are great beginnings.

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