1st time sitting up by herself

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this morning, as zem was on one of her determined positions to crawl, she raised her bum all the way up, put her legs underneath and pushed her upper body to sitting position all by herself! she did it so quickly and with grace, that i had to question whether i’ve seen her do that before or not, but i know she’s never done so, so i kissed her forehead while she continued to look at me with mild confusion.

perze was in the shower so he missed it, but i’m sure emma will reinact her feat very soon for him. this girl amazes me with her determination, her resilience, and spunk. she has reached all her milestones early, and continues towards the same direction. she is one big [small] baby of pure innocent energy, and i am SO blessed that God allowed me to be her mom.

every morning, i fall in love with her all over again when i see her big brown eyes open, staring at me, preparing to smile, unknowingly bringing me joy and warmth. it makes me so appreciative of the blessings of parenthood, knowing that not everyone can have children. it seems so unfair for those deserving couples who cannot conceive when in the news you hear disturbing news of teenage mothers literally throwing away their unwanted and unplanned babies and mothers who kill their children…

dear Lord, what have we done to your creation? your loving works of your hands? your blessings? forgive them for they know not what they do…

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