Perze Still the Romantic

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saturday, perze, emma, and i went shopping very early because jcpenny’s was having a major one day sale, and we bought a few stuff, mainly for emma, something for pepit, and something for me. perze insisted i buy new earings since he hates the fact that i wear fashion earings that cause an allergic reaction in the holes of my ear. my skin is very acidic, so when wearing necklaces, bracelets, or earings that aren’t gold, the chemical reaction turns the jewelry into a darkish grey color while my skin gets itchy and irritated. so we picked up these simple chandelier earings on sale and i tried them on. afterwards, as i handed them back to the saleslady to return to its case, perze told her that we’d take them. As turned around quickly and gave him my mastered unspoken look saying, “you’re not buying this impulsively.” The saleslady gave us an awkward moment to deliberate, but perze adamantly looked at her with a conclusive direction to make the sale. there are times when you can tell your husband what not to buy for you, and there are times when you need to let him still be romantic on a whim with presents. like when you were dating. so i was very humbled, and the saleslady was grinning from the romantic gesture. [either that or it was because she made a sale…humbug]

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