First Snowfall

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we went to mall on saturday, and as usual, zem zem had a great time, smiling at people, looking at the hussle and bussle of shoppers, hearing various sounds, and having people come up to coo over her. we went to sears to look at eliptical machines so perze and i can work out at home since we’ve forfeited gym membership for emma. we also took her to the pet store to introduce her to puppies in the store window, but she didn’t seem too interested. she is better amused when i put dancing clothes in front of her. that always guarantees a smile.

on sunday, we went to BCI and to our suprise, there was snowfall. perze was excited to finally test our all wheel drive, so we drove 40 mins. to church. zem was such a good girl during service, except for her cute little coos here and there. after service, people commended on her good behavior, good behavior that will end when the crowd disappears and it’s only perze and me. when we got home, we took family pictures outside since it was after all, zem’s first experience with snow.

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