emma’s visit with santa

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christmas shopping with emma

yesterday, we went to the mall to shop around for christmas, esp. at macy’s cuz it was a one day sale, and perze wanted to take me out for our thirtyfivesixteen. and if you know perze, that’s a big deal because he’s not the shopping type, unless it’s costco.  it must be a guy thing [except rogie, jake, and alvin].  while i was shopping around, perze was walking around with emma inside the baby bjorn.  i overheard joyful coos from several ladies and realized that women were cooing over emma, so it’s true what they say: ‘babies are chick magnets.’  good thing that perze has lost any interest of further magnetization.  at least six people have stopped us to coo at baby.  i think that is why she LOVES the mall…every visit, she is wide eyed, curious, excited, flailing her arms and legs vigorously, and making high sqeaky noises that probably reach  a decimel to which only dogs could hear.
last week, we also visited the mall and impulsively decided to get her first ever santa picture [since perze nor i have never had one].  it was very easy to get her to smile because she’s a fairly amiable girl to strangers or to random people who smile at her with a funny expression.  so here she is, prolly with only two things on her list: a milk castle, and new maracas [long story]:

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