4 months

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on november 1st, emmanuelle-emma-zem zem-em em poop poop turned four months old.

she’s reached all her 4 months old milestones early already, so she’s considered advanced. let’s hope that she continues her determination so she can sit up independently by four months. the downside of an advanced baby is her need for independency, which means in a short while, she won’t want to be carried and i’ll miss all those times i could hold her.

she went to her doctor’s visit for her 4 months. emma is very healthy.

here’s her chart so far:
070105: birth 19.75 5lbs.11oz.
090605: 2 mo 21.75 9lbs.12oz.
110405: 4 mo 24 13lbs.1oz.

she also had 4 more shots…poor girl. perze had to hold me when she was getting her injections. poor mama.

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