emma may be teething…

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Teething usually starts during the sixth or seventh month (resulting in a front/bottom tooth) but can start as early as 2 months and as late as 12 months. Most babies cut four new teeth every four months until all 20 primary teeth have come in at around age 2-1/2.Signals that your babys cutting teethSuspect teething when you notice one or more of these symptoms:Drooling
A chin or facial rash
A cough due to excess saliva
Biting to help relieve pressure
Refusal to eat

A low-grade fever
Redness in the gums
Ear pulling or cheek rubbing

The remedies are simple. You can gently rub babys gums with your fingers or give your baby something to chew on, preferably something cold, such as a firm-rubber teething ring. Cold drinks and cold food also are helpful. And when his discomfort is at its worst, an infant dose of acetaminophen at bedtime may help him sleep. But be sure to consult your doctor before giving your baby any medication and if symptoms persist without relief.

Our Baby This Week:
oct 24:05

Month 3: click to enlarge.

She-s 3 months young. She-s 12 lbs 8 oz. and 24 in. tall. She has also reached her 4 month milestones early, which puts her in the advanced category. She has mastered rolling over, controlling her head movements, tracking an object and sound, bearing her weight when supported, coos and gurggles & tries to communicate profusely, sleep for more than 4 hours, lift her head 90 degrees when on her tummy, and laughs. She is such a joy these days because she is more amiable and playful, not to mention she tries to talk to you and laugh at your funny gestures. These days, she-s so ambitious for a 3 month old. She is already trying to sit up independently, and refuses to be carried on her back. She is our joy.

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