her first laugh

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a laugh…
last night, perze called me to hurry to the room where he was playing with Emma. Little did I know that I was in for one of her cute milestones. When I got there, Emma was standing on Perze’s tummy – laughing.
I don’t know how Perze did it, but he was making her laugh along with him. I melted. This is how it feels when you hear your baby laughs for the first time: it’s like…

  • getting your diploma at graduation
  • knowing your class was cancelled for the rest of the week
  • hearing someone you love say i love you for the first time
  • getting an A on a test you didn’t study for
  • receiving a present even when it’s not your birthday or christmas, or presidents day
  • her laugh was so simple, but it was so exciting and moving at the same time. it’s so funny how a tiny baby who has no intention of evoking your emotion can make you feel so squishy inside.

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