chris tomlin, matt redman, louie giglio concert

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chris tomlin, matt redman, louie giglio concert tour
they came to my highschool

i know that these men are making their mark in this generation and hopefully even in emma’s generation. it inspires me thinking that God will continue to use them, mold them, and even refine their ministry to expand and encourage God’s kingdom, to bring His children back to His throne, facedown to worship. It felt awesome on saturday that I was able to be part of that, and to partake of what God is showing to His children through his servants.

one of the sweetest things that saturday was knowing that my siblings were there…My brother fred, my sisters Steph and Kristie, and my Kuya Sam. I know my older siblings haven’t attended a passion concert before, so i was more excited for them.

Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin are really blessed vessels, but that night, I was thankful of hearing Louie Giglio. His insight, logical patterns, and discernment to reach young people were so encouraging, and He continues to bring back God’s message of His holiness and magnanimity. I’ve been reading his books and listening to his sermons and it colors in pictures that i’ve already seen, but were black and white before. His insight and explanations bring vibrant colors that present such a picture so differently, yet familiar, and indeed more meaningful. It is good to hear the Word of God preached. I felt so alive in my worship after having heard the wonderfulness and amazing character and power of God. I knew I was worshipping the God who holds all the stars and galaxy in His hand, who holds my tiny life, with all the seemingly ‘big’ problems, in His palm.

we do have a big God, and He is holy…we need to remind ourselves that His holiness transcends our view of Him as just a friend at our level. He is King and creator, and our awe of Him is just as important as our intimacy with Him.

what i’ve learned from the concert and what has been sticking in my head these days is that because God is so loving to us and so forgiving with mercy, we take His majesty so lightly in our lives, and we forget to change and work hard to follow in his holiness. It’s our deficiency in seeing how big He really is and how small we really are that allows us to think that we can do whatever we want in our lives and say whatever we want to say, but if we can even just imagine the His magnitude, we can try to pattern our lives to Him.

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