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We went home for a 3 day weekend because I had to conduct some personal business which would probably enable us to move back in south jersey permanently, with emphasis on the word probably.

I got the chance to show Emma to my parents via yahoo webcam over the net. after 6 long years they finally found a provider that would grant them internet access. It’s still a little bit pricey compared to here and it’s just a 56kbps line, but who cares, as long as they are able to get in and get the chance to see their grandchild grow up without them or so to speak.

Emma’s getting bigger and bigger everytime I look at her (my wife is getting smaller and smaller ). And it seems that time has really passed by so quickly. It seemed just moments ago when I told marchesa that I liked her in that infamously muddled e-mail … right Rogie? ha ha ha. Now, we have a three month old daughter that tries so hard to talk to you in coos and goos. I couldv’e sworn that I heard her say “Lola” and “Nene” yesterday. That would make my mom happy.

Here I am back at the grind. I do feel a bit refreshed considering the stress that I had to go through after that Eagles comeback against Kansas City. Come to think of it, all the stats pointed to the other direction, but whoop-ti-doo we still won. Kudos to the rest of the NFC East Teams. We were just dubbed as the best Division in the league. I just feel bad for Dallas … not!

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