emmanuelle at 2 months

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10 lbs. 5oz.
123 in.

2 mo. doctor’s visit:
she received 3 more shots and she wasn’t happy. after receiving her first shot, she wailed in surprised agony, clinging to me afterwards. she ended up getting her first fever as a result of the injections so we ended up giving her Tylenol’s infant drops to alleviate her high temperature. she behavior became sluggish, having changed from her boisterous self. We gave her the drops every 4 hours and by the next day, her temperature returned to normal and she began to smile again.

neck support:
perze showed me that when he carries her on her belly, allowing freedom for her to support her head, she successfully does manage to hold it erect. it doesn’t droop down at all, and although she still hasn’t completely mastered it when she sits down, her neck control is increasingly strengthening. Even when we carry her upright, she can hold her head straight. It only dips down because she still has no vertebral control.

baby acne:
we went to her ped. and he suggested using olive oil, so perze generously applied it and claims that her baby acne disppeared because of the oil. but for records sake, we also did use it with Aveeno’s Baby Lotion. Now in her 2nd month, her face is as soft as a baby’s face ‘should’ be.

first common cold:
perze was somewhat sick during the week and we believe it may have been due to this. This morning, we woke up to her sounds of conjestion and coughing. i’ve looked up ways to treat it, but the only help you can give is to prop her up when she sleeps, to make sure she gets sufficient fluid and rest, to use saline drops if her mucus dries, and to use the mucus plug to suck out the mucus. to soften it, you can also by a vaporizer as well as a humidifier. i’m just hoping she gets better by tomorrow.

learning flashcards:
every day, i show her flashcards of colorful pictures with corresponding words in the back. i show her each picture while saying its name a few times. she seems to be very focused because she hardly fusses in the middle of our lessons.

baby sounds:
she loves to play, and during these times, she’ll usually give a slew of sounds like “ne, le, aiiooo” and sometimes will break into lovable playful shrieks. also her smiles are so abundant now. she even smiles at us first thing when she wakes. perze seems to be best at making her smile.

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