1 john 3:1

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this verse seems so simple.  knowing myself, if i had read this years ago, far from who i am now, i would probably dismiss this verse from further meditation because of its obvious simplicity.  but when i read it now, it has this affection about it that requests some time of reflection because i can really relate to it; we all can relate to it and find substancial beauty behind it. 

in remembering all my faults as a child of my parents, i am humbled because i know all the disappointments that i’ve rendered to them.  they’ve experienced my sins, my weaknesses, my rebelliousness, and yet, although hurt by my actions, i surely know and experience their unconditional love for me because i am their child.  i was covered with their love that first day i was born to them.

now that i am a mother, the meaning of this verse hits deeper because i know now what it feels like to be a parent.  i know the sacrifices a parent has to make for the nurturing of his/her child.  i know all the hopes and care are given so that the child will grow healthy and happy, with an awareness of others and him/herself.  sometimes, i look at emma and i’m floored because i know she may bring me a lot of heartache one day, but i will always love her and be her home.  i will forgive her for her adolescent behavior and questionable decisions because she is mine.  her life was set apart to perze and i, and that’s why there can never be abandonment, only investments.  now having the experience of being a mom, i can testify of the fears i have that she may be hurt- physically or emotionally, of the hope i have that she will grow into a healthy life and purpose, and of a mysterious love a parent has for her child.

and God designed it that way so we can gain even a bit of understanding through that paradigm.  i am thankful that He calls me His own, His child, because in that bond, i know of his unconditional love for me, with a love even more immense than i can imagine and have with my own child. 

I also know that this world has corrupted God’s plan for the relationship between a parent and his child, and sometimes unfortunately, a child may not have had the opportunity to experience love from a parent(s).  Because of sin, God’s original design was begrimed, but thankfully His love as Father is made perfect.  His love for his children expands exponentially, is incomparable and indefectible.

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