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Hi. My name is Jonah, I’d like a one way ticket to Tarshish please.

I can smell the crisp salty air as I was walking towards the boat. I see people all around me minding their own business. Did He talk to them too? Why me? Of all the people in this world, why me? He knows I can’t go there. I don’t want to go there. Those people killed my family and I’m supposed to go and ask them to repent?

He had reason why He didn’t want to go. A compelling reason at that. But God asked him to. That should have been reason enough to overturn all other underlying arguments why Jonah should have went to Nineveh. Instead, he went to Joppa and hopped on a boat for Tarshish. In the next few blogs I will be working on the comparisons and contrasts between this reluctant prophet and with what has been going on in my life. No, I am not a prophet nor anything but I know what it feels like to be called for something and ran away from it.

On a different note. The Eagles won against the 49ers, 5 TD’s from D-Mac. 42-3. It looked like a Madden Game. He could’ve easily made two or three more but they had to let him sit and let Detmer take over. Surprisingly, Koy Detmer engineered another drive to the endzone resulting to a Lamar Gordon TD. Oakland, you’re next. I can’t wait until we go against the Giants … urgh.

The Redskins were playing as if it’s the last game of their franchise. Man that was an awesome win. I have to tip my hat to Joe Gibbs. Talk about being cool under fire. Up until that night, Bill Parcells was 77-0 when he has a 13 point lead going into the 4th Quarter.

Goat of the week: QB Daunte Culpepper(Minnesota Vikings), 5 INT! 0 TD!

Offensive player of the week: QB Donovan McNabb, 5 TDs 0 INT 23/29 342 Yds

That’s all folks.

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