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last night i got the funniest phone call. my phone rings. i pick up. then this lady with her “i’m trying to impress you with my hot and sexy voice” starts talking. here’s how the conversation went:

me: Hello
her: Hi. Do you remember me?
me: Excuse me? who is this?
her: Oh, you don’t remember, that’s too bad

at this point emma starts to fuss because I was holding her in my other hand

me: I’m sorry, what number were you calling?
her: XXX-XXX-6223
me: Oh, you dialed XXX-XXXX-2663
her: I’m sorry.
me: it’s alright. bye. [hangs up]

two seconds later [Phone rings]

me: Hello
her: Hi.
me: I think you just called a few moments ago.
her: I don’t understand, I know I’m calling the right number
me: 6223 right?
her: yes
me: well, you dialed 2663 again.
her: Oh, sorry. [hangs up]

15 seconds later

me: Hello
her: did I dial the wrong number again?
me: i think so.
her: I’m sorry, i guess the numbers are too close to each other
me: (get a homer simpson phone for crying out loud) It’s ok, goodbye.
her: bye

Then emma starts crying.

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