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special mention: everyone should read ray-ray’s blog today, you crazy funny brudda.

On to the main blog.

Emma’s been fussy lately, what else is new. I’m still very amazed at how much this girl has grown since we brought her home from the hospital. She’s tipping the scale at around 10 pounds now. She talks back if you talk to her and reaaaallly loves attention. She would coo, goo, and make all sorts of baby sounds as if she is talking back. She smiles when you smile at her and sticks her tongue out once in a while. She is so beautiful. I can’t wait until my parents see her in person, I know they will fall in love head over heels with her.

On a more important topic , Donovan McNabb got injured in the last game and the league officials are reviewing the hit that caused the injury and marked him as Questionable/DTD on this sunday’s game against the 49’ers. On the other hand CB Kevin Mathis of the Falcons got slapped with a $10,000 fine for starting that scuffle with Eagle MLB Jeremiah Trotter. As of this moment Andy Reid sent a “complaint” to the officiating committee for that decision on Monday night that ejected both Mathis and Trotter. Turns out, Trotter never punched back. Great job officials, even with the replay you still can’t see clearly. On a side note, Mathis has been placed in the IR List because of an injury from practice (Torn ACL). Past is past.

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