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After 2 missed field goals by the 2nd most accurate kicker in the league(No. 1 is Adam Vinatieri of the Patriots) the eagles lost! 10-14. I must admit even before the game bad premonitions have surrounded the team. 15 minutes before the game MLB Jeremiah Trotter got ejected. So stupid Mr. Trotter, I guess you just slipped off fools hill because of that attitude of yours. Whether he punched back or not, was still debatable. We should have been able to challenge that call … can you imagine?

Right now we are at the bottom of the NFC East since all three other teams in the division won their first game. heh it’s still a long season. Let’s see by week 13, then we can decide who are the pretenders and the contenders in the league. Too many superstitious curses surround Philly right now. The Superbowl Loser Curse, Madden Curse, and the William Penn Statue Curse to name a few. Curses schmurses. Time to fess-up and drink the Kool Aid. We lost because we were out classed. McNabb didn’t even run for anything. Just stayed at the pocket all night. Gee D-Mac, you ot those thunder thighs for a reason. The way the Falcons ran all over us, made me miss DT Corey Simon (Colts) and DE Derrick Burgess(Chiefs). On that last possession play where we were 4th and 10 made me nostalgic for WR Freddie “Fred-Ex” Mitchell (Free Agent). Well, what can we do. Keep our heads up and prepare for the 49ers next week.

1-1 on week 2 ain’t that bad. Go Birds! We’ll be back Falcons, we’ll be back.

side note: both teams i’ve rooted for lost in week 1 (Jets and Eagles) on the bright side, both my fantasy teams won. There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

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