aug-sept 05

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2nd the last week of aug., my sister and ksam graced us by celebrating ksam’s bday at our place.  they were also sweet enough to buy my favorite choice of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory- the Chocolate Godiva CC. 

That same week, Aprille came to pay us a visit to see baby Emma since she wasn’t able to go to her dedication.  I always have a good time just talking away with Aprille…she’s got such an inquisitive mind and a crazy big heart for her friends.



The last week of aug., we celebrated my 26th birthday.  On the eve of my birthday, Perze started his surprises, and he completed it on the weekend by setting up a surprise birthday dinner with my family and friends.

That weekend, we were also able to dedicate Emma to our Lord.  A dedication is when the parents, along with the family and chosen godparents acknowledge and commit to guide the baby in God’s teachings, and to offer up her life back to Him, for His glory.

School Again:

Everyone knows, it’s back to school again, so my bro&parents drove kristie back up to Boston.  But before they did, they stopped by our place for the weekend, as did the Ng’s.  It’s always nice to spend time with the family…wow, it’s just getting bigger (and i don’t mean poundage…).



my dad and kuya roland both work together for the same company so they both took guests for the annual company picnic for a two day one night stay at a poconos resort.  We stayed in separate cabins and met up during the day to join in the various activities like boating, participating in the obstacle course and high swing, miniature golfing, volleyball, eating,  and just hanging out.  There was just too much to do that we didn’t get to accomplish everything in one day.  At night, they even gave us a fireworks show that equals those performed on independence day, and even better since we were so close to it, so close that we even had to cover Emma’s ears because the booming was so loud. 

It was a relaxing weekend, but i wish it was longer so that there was more time to rest in between all the activities.  But I was thankful for the time i could spend with family and friends.  Even the conversations were fun, so ya…maybe next year we’ll be more prepared. 


Looks like the next couple of weeks are going to be busy ones, esp. preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I’m really looking forward to the months to come, esp. because I get to be an aunt as well as a mom, my lil’ sis turns 21, and next year, i finally get to meet my in laws. God amazes me how true it is that blessings are new every morning.

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