happy birthday ‘to

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today is my brother’s bday…

he turned 29 today. we were all (minus kwistie) at the poconos this weekend, and it was a great time to spend with family, esp. with my brother for his birthday weekend

there used to be a time when i feared my brother because he always seemed as if he knew what he wanted and usually achieved what he wanted because he worked hard and he planned hard.  he executes perfection in what he does, which is his strength and weakness sometimes.  but now, being in my mid 20’s, having gained humility in my mistakes and seeing more of the roles in my family, i see and appreciate the part that my brother plays.

now, coming home on some weekends, i look forward to seeing him walk through the door with new stories to share of our lives.  he is one of the very very few people i can confidently say i admire because he is intelligent in practical matters- not completely book smart, but he applies everything he learns to real life.  he built our brick mailbox, installed the wood flooring, introduced us, taught us, and hooked our family up with all the techy toys even before it caught on, etc… he’s just very knowledgeable, even about politics and economy, business, science, computers, while having had the time to learn to mountain bike, hike, off-road, paint-ball, white water raft, and find some way to get our family to go on some nature adventure. 

we’ve had our major heavy fights when we were younger, and i readily admit that our ‘fabila’ personalities still can clash and he still can find to push the buttons that can get me to react, but i also readily will admit how much i admire and love him

his heart also balances the weight of his mind.  he supports some of my cousins in the phils. and puts them through school.  he is the one who informs me of world issues that need attention, and is an example of someone who gives to those in need.  and most of all, after he graduated and got a job for aol, he’s never failed to be sooo generous to his family.  no other sibling do i know who gives so graciously as he does, and i cannot begin to list his material generousity as well as his emotional fervor towards those he loves.

he has even started his own business, which continues to amaze me.  i am proud of him as my kuya.  i love you to.

happy birthday. 

i know that all you give to those you love never goes unseen, and you will receive greater blessings.  know that i continually pray for you and your desires in life. have a great year to, and go treat yourself, it’s your last year in your 20’s !!  next year you join perze and ksam.

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happy birthday
also go to
camille, darielle, and bunny!!

cam: heartwarming

ever since she was little, she knew how to be sweet.  she is a little shy, but once you get to befriend her, she is a chatterbox who absolutely loves to laugh.  even though she is highly influenced by aia, i still believe her sweetness shines through!

dari: charming

if i were 10, i’d definitely want to be her friend.  i am really looking forward to the lady she’ll become, knowing that she consciously builds herself for God.  at such a young age, she’s already aware of her ministries and being a blessing to those around her.

bunny: entertaining

whenever i imagine bunny, i’m always reminded of her sunday dresses and killer smile.  i have to give it to this girl because she has got some sass on her.  she knows how to take the jokes like an adult and be able to dish them back.  she has got spunk on this one.

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