Happy 1 month Zem !!

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It seems as if it hasn’t been 1 month, but we made it! Thank the Lord for sustaining us through the nights we had to wake up every time she cried because she was hungry and her diaper needed changing. Some nights, i have to admit, were annoying because i didn’t get enough rest, but every morning when i look at her face and i’m very conscious, i apologize to her for being sometimes cross with her. i know it’s not her fault; it’s my inability to be more patient.

She weighs about 7lbs now and her facial hair has fallen off as well as some of her hair on her head. Her skin has stopped shedding, and her features are more prominent now that she’s gaining weight. Her nails grow so quickly and her facial expressions make me laugh so much.

She drinks almost 3oz. each feeding after she’s had a long sleep, which usually lasts for 2-3 hours. She happens to love her Papasan, the one titoFred gave her, and lately she’s been appeased by her green Nuk binkie. We also usually swaddle her because her sporadic spasms wake her up and she ends up crying.

So that’s Zem in one month. it’s getting harder to burp her and gas is usually something we can’t control, and something that usually bothers her, detering her to sleep or eat.

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