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it feels weird not being around marchesa and emma 24-7. things haven’t normalized here at work, i’m still catching up with all the “work-related” e-mails that I’ve missed, hundreds of them, reading them in between meetings and breaks.

I must admit I’m a little groggy because emma has been a handful especially at around midnight till 3. I can’t afford to stay late anymore because of work in the morning and I feel bad for marchesa not getting enough sleep because she wants me to sleep instead.

having a baby is really a humbling experience. it’s like surfing (never did it) if you miss a wave, you’ll find yourself underwater. makes you realize that there’s still a lot … a whole lot that i needed to learn and know of.

A lot of times I would feel like I am running out of patience because that girl just wont stop crying no matter what you do. Come to think of it, I should have got it down by know … I’m talking about patience folks … not babies.

30 years of life experiences should have already taught me how to deal with the simplest of lifes virtues but noooo. I become impatient, then I get clumsy, then I feel stupid and useless. Good thing I have a great wife that always lifts me up no matter what.

On a different note, I’d like to greet my Lola Mildred a Happy Birthday … 90 years young. I have so many fond memories of her. I got the chance to talk to her yesterday, I had to scream at the phone because she already has trouble hearing. I gave her the good news that emma is finally here. Here’s a snippet of our conversation:

Lola: Kanus-a man ka mu-uli aron magkita nako imong asawa ug anak?
Me: paningkamutan namo nga makauli mi karong abril
Lola: You better come quick because time is no longer on my side(with a snicker)
Me: Don’t worry, I know you’ll be there when I get home
Lola: pag-ampo lang pepit aron mag-abot pa ta. maminaw man ang Gino-o ba.
Me: Sige la, kada adlaw ampo, ayaw ug kabalaka magkita pa lagi ta. ipa ila-ila dayon tika sa akong asawa ug anak.

I had to put the phone down because she is really having a hard time hearing me over the phone. Nevertheless I was able to say the things that I needed to say. She remembers me fondly, maybe because of the fact that I look a lot like my Lolo.

I got a little sidetracked there … where was I … oh yeah, back to work …

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