monday the 11th

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emma is ten days old today. man, it seemed like forever. pretty soon she’s gonne be crawling, then walking, talking on the phone and what not. Time really passes you by when you are a kid. It slows down in the inside yet accelerates quickly while you are watching from the outside.

it’s funny how easy it is to amuse her. she has this ability of knowing when she is being held or not. one of my very close friends ( a ninong in our wedding) came over and told me how babies identify your scent. once their senses recognize that you are no longer here with them, they just open their eyes and fuss. so from now on, everytime i put her down on her makeshift crib, i place an undershirt as a sort of a blanket. It gives her the illusion of me being there.

deception is an evil thing.

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