Taking Her Time

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we are all just waiting until she decides to move into a bigger apartment, because let’s face it, this tummy of mine refuses to get any bigger for her growing body.

tita kris is moving back to boston this saturday, but little emma is still nestled inside…our hopes of her coming out before saturday seems a little bleak, although we continue to persuade her otherwise.

she moves constantly and strongly inside. her kicks are much harder and it’s more difficult positioning myself to comfortably sleep. my feet occasionally also become swollen and my heels are often tender.

i think about her often. i think about the first day of her schooling, then i jump back and think about her first few months living from the comforts and safety of the womb. she’ll have tons of checkups to make sure she progresses normally and healthy- like her hearing, her immunity…what will i do when she develops her first cold, stuffy nose, fever…she’ll be helpless always depending on perze and i for relief…

i never want to see her hurt. but i know she will be. i always want to see her smiling. but i know she won’t be.

she has a funny rhythm sometimes. 2 kicks, a drumroll, then 2 more following kicks. i wonder what she must be doing.

come soon baby emma. everyone loves you already.

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