Gifts from Emma’s Shower

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Presents from Emma/Noe’s Baby ShowerNgs- diaper bag, baby bjorn, book, breast pump
Mom & Dad- crib mattress
Toto- Papasan Swing
Kris- Play mat
Valdez- bath robe, high chair
Dorothy and A.Deding- cradle bouncer
Guevarra- tub/seat bathtub
TJ & Arcano’s- 3 pink outfits
Kuya Danny & A.Myla- tub/seat bathtub
A.Juvie- Baby Changing Pad
Julie & John- towel, bath set, tub/seat bathtub
Cosicos- blanket, picture frame, comforter
A. Carol- baby clothes
maribel- bib set, sleep set
A. Pearl- pink blanket, photo album, picture frame
A. Nancy and K. Leon- bibs, pink pj’s, booties, hugies wipes, baby wash, lotion
Reen- Pooh Blanket
Abigail- Onesies
Alvin- Pink Pooh Set
A. Susan & K. Alfon- towel and washcloths (Pooh)
Benipayos- Pooh Mobile, bed ruffles
Rogie and Leila- crib sheets
K. John & A. Joy- booties, Pooh blanket
K. Dolly & A. Rose- Pooh towel and washcloths
A. Pheobe & K. Bobby- diapers, bibs, onesies
Sabados- dresses, clothes
Kenn Rimmey- bib and mittens
Jake- customized blanket
LeLeons- Pooh clothing set
A. Agnes- burp cloths, bath time collection
Fragos- toy, bibs, clothes
Teya- bathrobe
Nables- purse, hat, booties
A. Merle- silver sandals, bathing suit
A. Maricel- bath set (gift set, yellow clothes, blanket
Barb- pink crochet blanket
Carillos- card and money
Jean- Card and money
Aprille- yellow baby outfit
Jams- bottle warmer
Nanay- orange/yellow dress (2), toy bear
K. Ted & A. Nelfa- crib caterpillar toy, clothes
Sablich- white bear toy, onesies gift set of 4
Ming Yan- rocker, clothes, play block puzzle mats
Eiko Hamada- pink dress
Minky- boppy
Bueras, Doc, Mamu- Old Navy clothes
Zeah and Kevin- Old Navy Clothes
TJ & Arcano- Clothes, Pink Rabbit

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