my last ultrasound

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yay! I just had my last ultrasound…now i just have to go in for my 2x a week NSTs and fluid check, and of course, my regular weekly checkups at the ob/gyn.

here she is… we tease her cuz from the ultrasound, she looks like she has big lips…but it’s only because she’s running out of space, plus, we can’t keep her still enough to get an accurate picture. but you can discern her eyes and nose quite well.

have i mentioned that she’s 5.4 lbs now? well, she is, after having been so worried the first time they thought her weight was going to be a complication. i remember being so worried that i had only 2 more months to go and she wasn’t even 3 lbs. God was forming her…
she’s just gonna be as big as the majority of the babies…but then again, i’m pretty small, so she prolly just takes after me.

i can’t wait to see her face and hear her voice. see her kicks instead of feeling them from inside. the anticipation is sometimes too much, also because i know everyone is really excited to meet her- the first little perze/marchesa combo- ninja noe.

she’s so loved.

ps- aside from the present that her tita kris got for her, a package arrived today from amazon. we wonder who sent it…whoever it is, thank you so much! it’s huge.

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