update on noe 9th month

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kristie’s been going with me to my appt’s cuz perze has to work during the days. today, i had my last ultrasound until my pregnancy, and she cooperated the whole time.

her heart looks great, her fluid around her still have amniotic fluid to facilitate her breathing ability, she’s head down now, and her abdomen shows the typical signs of practice breathing. she did get bigger, thank the Lord. last time i went there was 3 weeks ago, when she was 3.14 lbs, and now she’s 5.3 lbs!! woot woo for baby…she’s so good.

when i saw her in the ultrasound screen, i saw one of her arms raised, yet she still had her eyes closed. and since she’s bigger, the ultrasound pictures are a little more difficult to decipher…so sometimes i think she has big lips…hahahah…crazy little girl.

it’s only a matter of days now, i’m just praying for a healthy pregnancy.

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