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…so i’m here in sj again while perze stays up north. he comes back down on the weekends to join me, and to catch up on how i’m doing. it feels like school again when i had to leave him at home while i studied during the weekdays. then i’d come home thursday nights. how did i ever complete 22 credits my last semester without having friday classes and still graduate with honors, plus be in the middle of my first trimesters? God really has a hold on things…i can really testify that it’s all through His power that I can do things.

i woke up this morning and asked perze about how we could financially handle me taking graduate courses for education. after some time pondering and considering the costs and options with emma and money and time, perze went online and got information for me for an online master’s degree for education. an hour later, a representative for AIU called me and briefly interviewed my interest and intentions for applying. He asked me to conference with him tomorrow when i’ll be able to ask questions and when he can get more information about my scholastic background and future endeavors. So, that’s it, i’m applying for my master’s online, and we’ll see from there if i’m accepted, and how we’ll pay for everything, and handle baby emma.

i know it’s my move. I know God will move things for me.
ps- thank you mahal for believing in me and supporting me.

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