me at 8.5 months

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so here i am at 8.5 months:

i weight 138 lbs. which means i’ve gained almost 30 lbs. since i got pregnant. they’ve increased the number of times i have to get my NST since they want to closely monitor her heartbeat and the placenta, just to make sure she’s getting enough oxygen, and that the fluid around her is sufficient.

she’s 4 lbs. now, which is good since she can survive at that weight if ever she ceases to grow and i need to be induced to giving birth. Although she is of low birth weight, there have been many successful cases where a 4 lb. baby has been delivered, so i am not worried.

when i go to my checkups and ultrasounds, her heartbeat is always steady, and to see her heartbeat is so amazing because i know she’s being well taken care of in there. Not only does she function, but i know she has a lovely personality already. She knows when to make a scene, and when to be shy. She knows when i’m resting and when she needs attention.

the 2x a week hospital visits are inconvient right now because now i have to stay in SJ, which means perze has to be alone in Budd Lake on some nights. I’m not very use to this anymore, and when it happens, i cannot sleep easily anymore. Plus, the days perze weren’t with me were the days Emma’s heartbeat was ranging a bit lower than usual.

it’ll take some adjustment, but everything should turn out ok…in a month, i’ll get to see her face…and her bum…hahaha…

“little star, how i wonder what you are…”

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