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Friendliness Helps: When you’re new to the pregnancy scene, you’ll find yourself having to deal with a lot of medical people- those who you have to build a comfort and trust with, since you’ll be literally baring yourself to them. All the Expectant Mother books and magazines always commence your pregnancy journey by advising that you find an OB/GYN who you can be very comfortable around with, someone who will be friendly enough to give you time and care, and will take you step by step your 40 weeks, with a caring staff who’ll answer your questions and provide your needs.

i’ve been really blessed to have not had to shop around, since the ladies of the place i go to for check ups exude friendliness, esp. the doctors that i have to regularly see. They’re not stoic nor condescending, but they realize how inexperienced I am to the whole thing, and reassure me about proceedures and concerns.

Note to self: send gift basket to ladies at Plaza 4.

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