looking outside the window

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i look outside the balcony window and see the tree that first had pink blossoms clingling to the branches the first time we moved in. Now the blossoms have matured into white flowers that daily fall off their temporary home. The wind makes them dance a while before hitting the ground. It looks beautiful from inside, from our newly moved in apartment, sitting on our assembled neutral colored futon adorned with feminine cream and old rose pillows.

i imagine myself, a young mother, holding a tiny baby girl under the shade, with her soft hair being softly caressed by God’s breath. And although she may not know what she’s thinking, she smiles by design, because there’s a feeling of love, a feeling she may not entirely know of and understand, but she feels it nonetheless. it’s the same feeling she gets when her dad tickles her toes and nubs her nose and picks her up when she cries.

i know bad times will come, and scenes aren’t always so beautiful, but for now, this is what i imagine when i look outside our balcony window.

listening to: You Made me Love YouF
Crystal Gayle

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