some growing pains

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as much as i love having emma kicking at me, and i can see my stomach every now and then pulsing with her movements, there are some negatives to pregnancy, esp. during the 3rd trimester:

1. lower back pain
2. sleeping discomfort, difficulty in turning and rolling
3. forget sleeping on your stomach for a while
4. trouble bending (limits cleaning, putting on shoes, socks, pants)
5. having to wear bottoms
6. sweet tooth kicking in
7. having your heels hurt even from a short stroll
8. not feeling all together glamorous
9. seeing how much you’ve physically changed, knowing you’ve gained 25+ lbs.
10. needing to crave water every 20 minutes, then needing to pee every 15…
11. needing to pee every 15 min.
12. being told not to carry things, knowing you can’t carry heavy things anymore although you know you’re stronger than linda carter
13. people constantly asking you when you’re due
14. people staring at you, with their eyes gradually travelling down to gaze at your stomach
15. stretchmarks
16. having trouble getting up from sitting, getting out of the car, getting out of bed
17. not being able to run, play with the kids, rollerblade, other fun outside activities
18. bathing suits
19. having temperature swings, feeling hotflashes, short breaths
20. being drawn to the TLC channel and Birth Stories
21. spending lots of time researching baby gear
22. spending lots of money buying baby gear
23. limiting coffee
24. not being able to work, putting your other goals on hold
25. making sure you’re ready, read up, for when she comes out and she’s all yours, your responsibility, knowing her dependency is all on you.

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