8 months update

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she’s kicking me as i write this entry. she’s very fiesty this morning for some reason.

yesterday was my first unofficial mother’s day. although she is not fully outside of my stomach, i still consider myself a mom, only because my mindset has been conclusively programmed already on protection and provision mode for this little one inside me.

it was sweet how my siblings gave me a card during our family cabin trip this weekend, and although i had missed the mother’s day program that our church celebrates annually, the youth gave me a special cell call to greet me.

i was able to go to my OB/GYN last week, as well as perform the NST and ultrasound for Emma/Noe, and the results were positive. My doctor gave me sensational news that relieved our worries of her low weight from my previous exam. From 1.16 lbs, she is now a healthy 3.4 lbs. with 1.5 months to go. Research says that babies experience the biggest growth spurt the remaining 2 months so by the time i give birth, emma will hopefully have grown to her full weight of a normal 6lbs or a little less. the doctor assumes that since i am of small frame, our baby will also be small, which is something the eases me, since delivering a bigger baby can result with higher complications.

but the Nonstress tests have been very positive. Her heartbeat is consistently within the normal range, and her activity supports her healthy state. I also get an ultrasound every 3 weeks to continue to monitor her growth, and by next month, i should be able to visit my doctor on a weekly regular schedule.

the weeks after 25 weeks seem as if they’ve passed so quickly, and now i have almost just a month until i see this love that God gave to Perze and I. She will be like me and like him, yet all too well her own person.

She is amazing to me.

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