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after days of packing and moving and moving and unpacking, perze and i have tasted our first days and nights in solitude in our first apartment.

it’s almost a year since our wedding (0619) and we’ve kept our word to save. Now with a baby at 8months on the way, we’re slowly building a nest, and so far, the nest we’ve chosen has been a blessing.

It’s a one bedroom, with den, and fulfills our current needs with spacious room for the two of us, and our expectant angel critter, who we hope will enjoy the place just as much as we do. We’ve been blessed to have lots of nice stores in such close proximity, plus all the major highways outside the development. Also, our surroundings are uncluttered and many new buildings/stores are currently being built or is already new. Everything looks uncluttered, and the view from our balcony is incomparable to the rest of the other apartments we’ve seen.

We were supposed to have our cable/internet installed next week since we couldn’t keep our initial appointment last saturday, but due to perze’s persistence, someone cancelled their appointment and we were able to take that free spot, so today is the first day we’re able to get back in touch with the world via TV/Internet. Watching FOX every time you turn on the tv isn’t the most entertaining.

the hardest task for me- for marchesa, believe it or not is finding out what to cook each night. Not just deciding on what to cook, but actually cooking something worth eating. The first night was great- spaghetti- who doesn’t love spaghetti? It’s easier to cook than it is to spell. It was gone by lunch today.

the weather hasn’t been cooperating though. it seems as if the temperature has reverted back into its old wintery ways, and it’s cloudy and a tad chilly. hopefully it’ll pick up and i may be able to do some pilates with the sun and some music.

as this blog closes, i do have to thank my family for being so helpful and excited and supportive. My brother took a lot of effort to get us a UHaul (unreliable), and i could only imagine all the carrying…and since i’m in the 8th month, carrying a baby (and an elephant), i’m restricted to only eating and farting, so basically, i couldn’t exert too much push and pull.

lastly, i have to give the biggest ups to my husband, perze, who has been strong through all this. i have no problem trusting this man when it comes to life. i love you mahal. i am very excited for us.

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