month 7

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current weight: 128 lbs.
current craving: water

as i write this, emma’s kicking or moving profusely inside. i haven’t been updating this blog, but i hope to do so more frequently now that i’m in my last trimester.

perze and i met with the ultrasound doctor and they’re having some concerns with her bone growth, particularly her thigh bones. They are much shorter than the rest that they’ve compared her to within their charts, but the doctor also commented that their charts are based on caucasians and african americans, therefore, emma being an asian baby, she is much smaller than the rest. so the doctor said that genetics may be playing its card here.

another factor may be the placenta being able to give nutrients and oxygen sufficiently enough to her, but i’ve done my first stress test where i was asked to sit on a couch for 20 minutes, just relaxing and being hooked onto a machine that records her heart beat and movement. this test administered proved positive results indicating that she is just fine.

also, the doctor said her brain is developing beautifully, and everything else looks great, although still on the smaller side. so for now, we’re all just hoping she’s tiny because of her mom and dad.

for the remaining weeks ahead, i’m scheduled to have the stress tests conducted weekly, having more frequent ultrasounds to monitor her growth, and biweekly appointments with my regular ob/gyn until she’s born.

i know she’ll be fine. we love you emma/noe/gracie.

ps: something also worth sharing: when the doctor was trying to get a good shot of her face frontal view, emma stuck her tongue out at us! even the doctor was startled, and perze and i just laughed, cuz every time before we get an ultrasound, we talk to her and ask her to dance. this time, she decided to be funny…

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