month 6

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well, here i am on my 6th month and with only 3 more months to go, maybe even earlier.

it’s getting harder to move and esp. get up because the weight of the baby affects my back and my legs, so i’ve gotten just a bit slower.

perze and i have been narrowing down our choices for the crib and carrier which is the essential 2, and i’m beggining to pack for my hospital stay, as well as prepare some clothes for her first few days outside of my womb.

everyone’s preparing for her arrival and my family have been the most exited for me, and i’m the most exited for them because it’s both of our family’s first apo. my brother even over-generously bought us a the octura 40 digicamcorder because he knew perze and i were looking for one to record her firsts. it was a humbling present, esp. since i don’t like getting very expensive presents.

my body is going through certain paradoxes, like craving for sweets although after eating them, regret usually follows, so i balance it with my craving for fruit like strawberries, avocado’s, nectarines, and mangos. also, my tummy feels as if it stretches everyday, so it’s good to have cocoa butter lotion to help its elasticity.

in other important matters, perze and i have our upcoming interview for immigration and last night, praise God, we were able to sift through ALL the acquired papers necessary to complete the checklist given to us. At first, some documents were missing, but after tons of searching (and shredding) i managed to find them. Thank You Lord! After this step is done, we can worry about the next step to moving. I look back in the past 2 years alone, and can’t imagine just how many obstacles have been faced, and how many changes have impacted my life, but there was strength, love, and support through it all from several angles.

it has given me more perspective in how i see my family, my parents and my siblings, and perze. These past years have brought us closer than ever, and i can truly honestly say how much i love them not just as family, but as friends who i always look forward to spending time with. They are my pillars, and God has really blessed me with a family that really helps me grow and become a better person.

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