Bebe Sounds for Heartbeat

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Perze and i bought this product called Bebe Sounds which enable us to hear our baby’s heartbeat, record it to our laptop, speak to her through a microphone, and let her listen to classical music as well as anyother type of music.

So far, we’ve been able to accomplish all of those things, even record her heartbeat. It takes a little patience to find her fast heartbeat, but we’ve found it effective to record it at night when she’s the most fiesty (which is around 12 in the morning, without fail). So when she’s getting married, we can remind her how small she used to be, and how close her heartbeat use to be to mine.

also, when perze uses the Bebe Sounds Mic to talk to her, she ends up kicking the spot where the sound is coming from. She’s very responsive, and still a great kicker.

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