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Your Body This Week
The top of your uterus now reaches about 2 inches above your bellybutton.
You may be feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. These “practice” contractions pump blood to the uterus and prepare the body for labor.
You may continue to feel mood swings, fatigue and heartburn. You may sweat frequently as your body temperature is high during pregnancy.
You may have extra weight on your upper arms, shoulders and on your face due to water retention. Your weight gain may be causing bladder problems, sore feet and fatigue. To combat the fatigue and sore feet, wear comfortable shoes, put your feet up whenever you can and rest whenever possible.

I have still yet to experience the Braxton Hicks, but i think it’s amazing how your body can prepare you for the actual symptoms of labor, so that you won’t mistake the sensation when you’re already at stage one of the labor process.
Mood swings: perze has been telling me stories of his friends’ wives who have asked him if i’ve been recently moody or mean to him because they’ve been known to be unmerciful during their pregnancies, but perze honestly thanked me for being patient and giving.  To be honest, God’s really molding me during my pregnancy, and He’s teaching me more of who i am and my flaws that i need to work on.  It’s humbling, but at least it controls the expected mood swings.  It really helps doing my devotions and having quiet time.  
Weight check:  yep, i did finally gain weight.  Starting weight was 108 and now i’m up to 121.  I’ve gained 13 lbs. so far from the recommended 25 lbs.  I’m allowed to gain 12 more pounds which is good cuz i have 3.5 more months to go.   Despite my weight gain, a bunch of people recommended that i stay pregnant always because it looks great on me.  I think it’s hilarious cuz i really need a haircut and everything seems a bit plump-er.  But people say it must be a girl since my appearance seems to have developed prettier and i’ve managed to keep my fashion sense (thanx yb), which is always nice to hear since being pregnant doesn’t always give you the winning trophy to feel like miss america, esp. when you know that belly button doesn’t seem to be able to stretch any bigger…
but what i love most:  is that baby’s kicks and movements are so apparent so much that i can see them from the outside, so much that perze can feel in a moment’s kiss, and so much that silly genesis can wait a while and feel her ninja kick her in church.  baby really reminds me how i need to constantly think of her, and it’s a great feeling. 
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